How we can help

Language learning is an important and fun skill. Maybe you are studying German so you can travel through Austria. Perhaps you are studying French in order to relocate to Morocco. Have you recently relocated to the United States for work and you are not feeling confident in your English language skills? We can help you achieve your language goals with our experienced and qualified teachers. Our teachers are well-versed in putting together a curriculum based on student need which can help you with any result you would like to obtain.

Our Story

The spring of 2020 saw a LOT of disruption in the workplace, leaving some of us unemployed, or underemployed, with no control over the decisions that put us there. Two of our members (one a teacher, the other a retail veteran) found themselves in that position and realized this might be just the incentive needed to do “work” differently. Maybe even create an environment in which that work could be more fulfilling, more collaborative.

The desire to work with people, rather than for a faceless entity, was exciting. As was the idea that all involved would have a role to play in determining just how that work would be conducted. The conclusion? A worker-owned cooperative!

We wanted to provide a democratic process for people to do what they love in a way that fosters participation by all involved. We wanted everyone to have an equal stake in the success of our business. And we wanted all members to know that the decisions being made would not be given to them; they would be determined by them. The result? Teachers and support staff coming together as equal partners to provide a superior experience for students everywhere.

We are no longer just working. We are changing what work can be.

Why Choose us

Our cooperative is a business built on shared ideals such as community, social justice, and equity and our teaching methodology reflects this. By choosing us to fulfill your language needs, you are also choosing to support a business that strives to provide a better working and learning environment for our workers as well as our patrons.


You are part of the decision making and learning process and are not expected to just follow what the teacher tells you.

Communicative Method

We are pragmatic and want you to use your language in real life situations!

Individualized Lessons

Lessons are tailored to your needs, using materials that are appropriate for your situation.