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Spanish Teacher

Worker-owned Cooperative seeking Spanish teachers.

We expect that they would continue as worker-owners, but this is not a requirement.

Spanish Teacher Details:
  • native or near native fluency
  • minimum one year of teaching experience
  • experience teaching K-8 preferable
  • potential for founder/start-up investment opportunity


Our cooperative is based in Minneapolis and is seeking local candidates. We encourage all who are invested in creating an equitable, diverse and community-centered worker cooperative to apply.

Founding Member

The Language Learning Cooperative is Seeking Founding Members

The Language Learning Cooperative (TLLCOOP) is actively seeking new founding members to participate in all aspects of the startup process of establishing and building a new business.

The Language Learning Cooperative is a worker-owned cooperative of teachers and staff who desire to work in a heathy and empowering environment. The co-op puts the focus on support for teaching staff and language instruction tailored to the needs and goals of the student.

About The Language Learning Cooperative:

The mission of the cooperative is to provide student-centered language lessons using communicative, cooperative, and collaborative methods to create an equal and just environment for teachers and students, and to become a leader in the language teaching industry. The cooperative will offer group and individual language lessons to all ages and abilities.

TLLCOOP is beginning with ESL, French, and German teachers, with other languages being added in the future.

Why The Language Learning Cooperative:

The cooperative is aiming to address many of the challenges faced by language teachers working in other environments that do not offer adequate support, decision-making power, compensation, or benefits.  As a cooperative, teachers and staff have the opportunity to become cooperative members and participate in the governance of and direction of the cooperative. Cooperative members share in the profits of the cooperative in addition to teaching compensation. The co-op will offer fair pay, co-ownership, decision-making power, support, flexibility, and benefits.

Role and Requirements:

  • Currently unpaid, it is a start-up after all
  • Founding members are eligible for cooperative membership and profit-sharing
  • Set the course as a founding board member
  • Teaching experience not required for founding members, unless you also plan to teach
  • Business experience or an eagerness to be a part of launching a new business
  • Skills to support our launch, such as marketing, accounting, human resources, fundraising
  • Clear communication skills

We encourage all who are invested in creating an equitable, diverse, and community-centered worker cooperative to apply or contact us for more information.

Please explore our website to learn more about us.